Best low poly models on discount to use in your app

When building an app, integrating 3D elements can be a bit of a daunting task, especially if you do not know where to look or if your project does not have funds allocated to the purchasing of multiple models. CG Trader is offering over 240k models this holiday season till January 1, 2017  to help you build the content within your app. Whether you are looking to have a medical explanatory video or a simple FPS game application, there is something for everyone to get started with.



Animated Realistic Human Heart – Medically Accurate by cooldude5757

It may be hard to believe that this is a low poly model when you see the amount of detail in the design. In addition to having a keen eye for detail, the artist has included animation to the heart. This model is perfect for those looking to show how the heart works, medical professionals which wish to explain surgery or insertion methods, or to the game designer who is going for hyper-realistic effects in his or her game.

low poly cartoon character boy

Cartoon Character boy by nomansafiy

Characters are becoming more and more dominant in marketing and in explainer applications. This character breaks away from the templated assets which are available and allows the purchaser the ability to use a low poly 3d model to make their point. If you are looking to animate a whiteboard style of animation, use the character to draw the elements and speak to give the app extra flare. If you need a crowd, don’t worry simply change the color of the hair, remove the glasses, and add a new shirt texture and you are good to go.


Corvette Spaceship- game model by littlechild

The corvette spaceship game model provides an unique 3D model for game applications. Specifically designed for Unreal Engine integration as well as Maya, 3ds Max (FBX), and .obj format, the spaceship is compatible with almost any major gaming platform including Unity 3D. Plug this model into your game for a first person flying experience, or include the model as an asset to add a sci-fi realism to your space app. Of course, if you want to tweak it up a bit you can change the textures and colors.


Sneakers by sanchiep

Product identification and realism are needed in today’s market. However, having your product physically produced, photographed, and then presenting those images in a professional manner can be expensive. With a low poly, but hyper-realistic, model, the purchaser can apply his or her own details to the sneakers and accomplish the same look as if that person took photographs of the actual product. Add the sneakers to 3D characters for extreme details in close up shots within your app.


RPG Fantasy Pack by Maxbugor

This RPG fantasy pack includes 8 characters, rigged and ready to integrate into a mobile app game. The gaming characters feature the standard genre such as morphed characters, wizards, troll, soldier, and dark lord. The model is offered in Autodesk FBX format making it easy to integrate into gaming platforms such as Unity and Unreal Engine. As 3d Characters must be low poly in order to keep mobile devices from crashing and to prevent game glitching, this pack is ideal.


Character Solider by maxbugor

Character Soldier is a combination of three different assets. The character is animated and rigged, ready to be dropped into a FPS application. Then the soldier has two guns which can be saved as additional assets within the game or can remain as part of the soldier. The character soldier comes with textures which can be softened or altered for various terrain.


Medieval City Tavern by gajaix

Bring in the new year in a 3D tavern. This complete building is ready for you to stock up with various characters. In addition to the high level of detail on this low poly model, the formats in which it is available are many. This model is available in beyond3d, blender, Autodesk FBX, DirectX, Truevision, 3d Studio, MilkShape 3D, Alias/WaveFront Material, and Obj. Regardless of the platform that you are using, this tavern can easily become a part of your app.

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