Blog: What is “Periscope”?


You all must be active users of Twitter, or at least, have knowledge about this social network. In 2015, an iOS and android developers created an app named “Periscope”, that was acquired by Twitter.

But, what is Periscope? This new app, Periscope is like twitter but instead of live tweets, everything is live video. It allows you to stream live videos that can be saved, and watched later. Users can also like a video, or leave a comment.

Howeperiscope app examplever, you must be wondering, why you haven’t heard about this application yet? Well, it’s probably because there are thousand of new apps being launched daily but that’s not an excuse. Twitter hasn’t advertised it as much, because the competition is real out there and they have no need of advertising due to the success it already is.

Reportedly, Facebook added the live video streaming feature last December, just a couple of month after Periscope made its debut. It seemed like Twitter felt a bit overshadowed by Facebook’s passive aggressive move, but there are many reviews and comments from users about it, saying that Periscope is the best live video app out there blive stream periscopeecause the fact is, the apps main use is for that live streaming, you get easy access to thousand of videos being shared daily.

With this new app you get to share real events videos, or just a video about anything you would like to share. It is fun, and easy. So, join the Periscope community and share your own videos with the world.


Periscope – Live Video Streaming Around the World: is now also available for Android and iOS

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