Tower Rumble by Neo-Realms Review

Tower Rumble Review: Tower Defense Game with RPG Elements by Neo-Realms

About The Game Tower Rumble takes place in a fantasy world called Artifycia…
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Review: “Snakebirds” – A Deceivingly Cute Puzzle Game

  Puzzle games were never of my interest and it never encountered my…
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Juicy Drop Pop : Jelly Smash

Review: “Juicy Drop Pop: Jelly Smash” Just.. One.. More Pop!

Juicy Drop Pop: Jelly Smash is a highly addictive physics puzzler game of…
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Mystery Room review

Review: “Mystery Room” – Where Sherlock, Jekyll, and Hyde all Collide

Add one part story, two parts snooping, a dash of creative artwork and…
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Mix Master-Brain Test Review app

Review: “Mix Master-Brain Test”- A colorful brain teaser

There are a lot of games and brain tests on the Google Play…
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Pipes 3D review

Review: “Pipes 3D”- The Modern Day Rubix Cube

If you are a fan of the Rubix cube you should definitely check…
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Shuttle Shuffle app

‘Shuffle Shuffle Aliens Panic’ Review – Challenges Created by Other Users

Shuffle Shuffle: Aliens Panic is the latest addictive puzzle game by Lozange Lab. The…
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Queen's Garden Review app

‘Queen’s Garden’ Review – It’s all About Flowers and a lot…

If you are a fan of simple and relaxing games,you don’t need to…
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tales-of-orient review

‘Tales of the Orient – The rising Sun’ Review – An…

Built your own ancient Japanese village with this easy, yet interesting game called…
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iappadapt impuse

‘Impulse: Brain Bending’ Review – puzzzling dots

Impulse is a newly released mobile app for all ages. This fun puzzle…
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