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F.T.L Faster than light comes strait from Pcs and its considered a "spaceship simulation roguelike" that allows you to take your ship and crew on an adventure through a randomly generated galaxy filled with glory and bitter defeat.

FTL Faster Than Light: Review – Spaceship Simulation Game From Subset…

F.T.L Faster than light comes strait from Pcs and its considered a “spaceship simulation…
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Tower Rumble by Neo-Realms Review

Tower Rumble Review: Tower Defense Game with RPG Elements by Neo-Realms

About The Game Tower Rumble takes place in a fantasy world called Artifycia…
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4 Tips to Survive Deathclaw Attacks in Fallout Shelter

  Deathclaw attacks are difficult to handle especially if you don’t have the…
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Dragon Village 2 review

Review: “Dragon Village 2” – An Addicting, Simplified RPG

Terrible monsters and terrifying creatures constantly attack villages and disrupt the peace in…
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Blog: 5 Things You Should Know Before You Play Pokemon Go

  It has microtransactions   The game itself is completely free and can be…
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Blog: What Makes Pokemon Go So Popular?

With the recent release of Pokemon Go, its overwhelming popularity can be seen…
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Blog: 5 Gifs Every Pokemon Go Player Can Relate To

Pokemon go is a great game that both veterans to pokemon and new…
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Review: “Combo Quest 2” – A Nice Mix of RPG and…

Once upon a time, a valiant knight returned to his kingdom with his…
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star wars glaxy review game

Review: “Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes” – The Money Sarlac Awakens

Before the Star Wars: The Force Awakens starts, you sit in the theater…
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Orcs Review by David

‘Orcs’ Review – Be careful! It may be Addictive

Are you looking for a very easy, simple and fun game to play…
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